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Time flies 🍃

  • 18.03.13
  • Hit : 393

We are currently in Madiha, the sourthern coast of Sri Lanka, tucked away from Galle just about an hour, and we are in love with this village.💫 It is our second time visiting here, and as we fully enjoyed its consistent waves with empty line ups, unbelievably kind locals and like minded travelers, and its convinient location, we have come to the point that we desire to be here! It is just about 3 hours away from Colombo international airport, and is located in between the famous beautiful right hander surf break 'Mirissa' and one of big towns of Sri Lanka 'Matara'. We found out that there are more than 5 breaks in Madiha itself, and also more than 10 different breaks are just around the corner of Madiha within about 10 minute tuk tuk drive.

It's been more than 2 months now here and the life can't get any
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